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6.11-1 Landtag Mecklenburg Nr.6 Details anzeigen

6.11-1 Parliament of Mecklenburg No.6

6.11-1 Landtag Mecklenburg Nr.6

6.11-1 Parliament of Mecklenburg No.6

Archivists start working on this material after evaluating its archival value and acquiring it for the archives. Its contents are catalogued – recently mostly on databases. Though for some record groups only traditional finding aids such as inventories or card indexes are available so far. The archives aim to digitize them and add them to the online catalogue gradually. As research topics and interests change over the years, the records’ contents is summed up so that it is open to various and differing interpretations.

The archivists also play a role in analyzing the records by producing articles and by researching and teaching Mecklenburg’s history; for example, through contributions to exhibitions, guided tours through the archives or their own publications.