Record groups at the Landeshauptarchiv

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LHAS, 1.12-1 KirchbergchronikDetails anzeigen
LHAS, 1.12-1 Kirchbergchronik

LHAS, 1.12-1 Kirchberg Chronicle

LHAS, 1.12-1 Kirchberg Chronicle

The Landeshauptarchiv Schwerin preserves:

  • about 15.000 charters (the oldest dates from the year 1158)
  • about 23.000 linear metres of files (from the 15. century to the 21. century)
  • more than 100.000 maps, plans and drafts (from the 16. century onwards)
  • more than 230 collections of personal papers, partly of national relevance
  • a large collection of visual records (notably of persons and places)
  • photographic records including aerial photographs

as well as historical manuscripts and prints, autographs, genealogical collections, posters and leaflets, coats of arms, signets and seals. Some of its treasures can be viewed at the Digital Library Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

The archive’s printed guide in three volumes outlines more than 1900 record groups with their current reference numbers and names. It also provides information on their size and structure, summarises their contents and describes the history of their places of origin. If there are any finding aids, they are indicated. This information kann also be found in our online catalogue, where you can also pre-order some records.

Collections of personal papers and family archives can be found at a central database of the Federal Archives of Germany.

Records of the SED (Socialist Unity Party) at the GDR-districts of Schwerin, Rostock and Neubrandenburg, including the political management in Mecklenburg up to 1952, are presented on a joint internet presence of the newly-formed German states and the Federal Archives of Germany.